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Promoter Lowell MacGregor

Lowell MacGregor is a seasoned veteran of event production and concert promotion and is an outstanding team builder.

The last ten years have been spent getting his current venture, LMG Concerts off the ground.  Leading into this venture Lowell MacGregor toured with Pearl Jam in 2004.  When LMG launched Lowell MacGregor was the executive producer of Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huckjam tours (for three years) and produced related events. Initially LMG also produced tours for Nickel Creek and My Morning Jacket.   In addition to touring support, LMG has produced festivals such as the Rockfest and Countryfest (which Lowell had a 10 year history with) at Columbia Meadows outside Portland (owned and operated by LMG); Jingle Bell Bash at the Tacoma Dome; Vibe Musicfest at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta; High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy CA; Wakarusa in Lawrence Kansas; DelFest in Cumberland, Maryland and corporate events including the Marlboro 50th Anniversary event with Aerosmith at the Palladium in L.A., and the Windows Server launch that encompassed the Experience Music Project Museum, the Science fiction Museum and the Fun Forest at Seattle Center.  Gap company party in LA, Microsoft party in SF at the Moscone Center and a Playstation launch in Brooklyn for Target.  While all this was going on LMG with promoting CCM concerts.

As LMG often works in independent venues LMG invested in a ticketing company, which provides ticketing services at a fraction of the larger ticketing companies. This has enabled LMG to expand into new markets and non-traditional venues with ease.

Since its inception, LMG has promoted dozens of shows throughout the Pacific Northwest region.   These have been CCM shows along with the Warped Tour (three years running), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the Rose Garden Arena, Alice in Chains at the Paramount in Seattle, CountryFest and Rockfest at Columbia Meadows, and the like.  In addition to the regional shows promoted by LMG, we are expanding beyond the Northwest, and have promoted shows that have either played, or are on sale in Fairbanks, Alaska, South Bend, Indiana, and Murray, Kentucky, Austin Texas, Corpus Christi Texas, Dallas Texas and many more.

Lowell MacGregor / LMG Concerts re-directs focus to promoting Christian concerts

In around 2007 LMG focused in on the promotion of the CCM concerts more predominantly and has since promoted large blocks of tours, one off dates in festivals all over the country.

Over the last four almost five years Lowell MacGregor/LMG has been working to establish the Spirit Fest one-day CCM festivals in a variety of markets.  These events are multifaceted including elements of Faith, Family, Freedom and just plain fun.  To date there have been seven markets where Spirit Fest events have taken place across four states.

The ten years prior to the inception of LMG were spent at Double Tee Concerts where Lowell MacGregor bought talent, promoted shows, ran a production company, oversaw the operation of the Roseland Theater as well as the construction and operation of temporary concert venues.

Lowell MacGregor Venue Creation & Development

Some of the venues events done by Lowell MacGregor were:
•    Portland Meadows – Grateful Dead; Metallica; Horde, Warped tour and dozens more plus festivals line KUPL Countryfest, KUFO Rockfest
•    Civic Stadium in Portland – Van Halen; Bonnie Raitt; Michael Bolton and more
•    Seahawk Stadium – KCMS Countryfest; KBKS Big Freaking deal
•    Columbia Meadows  – Outside Portland – Grateful Dead; Metallica; Horde, Warped tour and dozens more plus festivals line KUPL Countryfest, KUFO Rockfest
•    Memorial Stadium in Seattle – Two sold out Pearl Jam home coming shows.
•    Sokol Blosser winery outside Portland – a couple dozen AC shows – Ray Charles, CSN, Jackson Browne..
•    Snoqualmie amphitheater – outside Seattle
•    River Queen showplace – downs town Portland – a dozen of more AC shows – Santana, Bonnie Raitt. BB King…

Before going to work at Double Tee, and while with them, Lowell MacGregor constructed temporary concert sites in many locations and has produced a large number of concerts in them   As part of coming on board at Double Tee Lowell invested with Double Tee’s owner David Leiken and purchased a Tomcat roof system and opened a production company, Fourth Dimension, to manage it and pursue the venue creation.  Over the course of the next 10 years additional equipment including a second stage and roof system were purchased and Fourth Dimension brought in millions of dollars of revenues from a variety of Radio Festivals, internal and external rentals and outside productions.

From 1990 to 1993 Lowell MacGregor helped to create venues like the Chateau St. Michelle; Kitsap Country Fairgrounds (Endfest and Lollopoloza with Monqui) and others in the Seattle Marketplace.  From 1994 through 1996 (after moving back to Portland Oregon from Seattle to accept a position with Double Tee Concerts) Lowell produced seven large-scale concerts at Civic Stadium, Portland’s historic baseball stadium for Double Tee.  While the Stadium was in use, Lowell also was producing concerts at Portland Meadows.  Lowell produced 43 concerts from 1994 through 2000 at these venues.  After the ownership changed at Portland Meadows, Lowell created Columbia Meadows and has produced produced 33 shows from 2001 through 2008.  Lowell has overseen all operations at the Columbia Meadows site since its inception.   In 2007 LMG took the venue completely green with the use of wind power, compost-able food containers and biodegradable everything (the trash liners are weak).

Prior to the early 1990’s Lowell toured with the likes of Robert Cray; Nu Shooz; Billy Ocean; Def Jam 87 with LL Cool J, Whoodini; Eric B. and Rakim, Kool Moe D, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Stetsasonic, Samantha Fox; Inner City; Information Society and more.  Before touring Lowell worked for various promoters, working shows, running errands and pushing cases.

About LMG Concerts

LMG Concerts is your Christian concert connection!
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